Piano (2 and 4 hands)

Composer Vytautas V. Barkauskas
Type Printed score

Piano (2 and 4 hands)


Instrument(s): pf(4 hands)

Score (p.): 59

Composed in: 2014

Year of Publication: 2015

Publisher: Composers' Union Foundation

ISMN: 979-0-706169-02-6

Product ID: KSF 003

KSF 003


1 Etude in C For piano

2 Dance For piano

3 Gates of the Past For two pianos

4 Autumn For two pianos

5 Elephants' Lullaby For two pianos

6 Thunder-Clouds For two pianos

7 Tower Clock For two pianos

8 Dialogue For two pianos

9 Windmill For two pianos

10 Old Toys' Dance For two pianos

11 Caravan For two pianos

12 When You Are Bored For two pianos

13 Roller Coasters For two pianos

14 Carnival For two pianos

15 Relay Race For two pianos

16 Prelude in Bach For two pianos

17 City For two pianos

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