After School - Jazz Piano Pieces for Beginners by Andrej Polevikov

After School - Jazz Piano Pieces for Beginners by Andrej Polevikov

Andrej Polevikov is a jazz pianist, composer and educator. His artistic curriculum features a variety of projects ranging from jazz, blues, gospel and folk to pop and contemporary classical music performed in a number of European countries and the United States. In addition to his diverse stage appearances, Polevikov has been teaching for over two decades to share his knowledge and experience with students. 

“It is with great pleasure that I have a chance now to present my jazz pieces for beginners, the collection which, I hope, will serve them as an introduction to jazz rhythms, melodies, forms and factures. Teachers, I believe, will find the music useful for both their piano and ensemble classes. It is important for future jazz musicians to develop their perception of sound and style as well as technical skills in order to learn free improvisation. This is basically what I have intended to offer them through the music in this publication.” – says Andrej Polevikov.

Anyone on the path of exploring the world of jazz, he maintains, should be supported in their daring experiments through playfulness, which should, on the other hand, be based on solid foundations of general jazz logic and the perception of its stylistic nuances. As a lecturer at the Vilnius College and the Juozas Tallat-Kelpša Conservatoire, he has hoarded vast experience, and works in adherence with his own methodological guidelines that help his students in pursuing their careers. He has organized a number of seminars and master classes for students and teachers across Lithuania. 

After School contains ten piano pieces for beginners. You can purchase the whole PDF book and every piece separately in PDF format here.