Dance Opera Vinyl NO AI DI

Dance Opera Vinyl NO AI DI

We have recently updated our vinyl record collection with one more release by the Lithuanian production house Operomanija

The contemporary dance opera NO AI DI (in Sámi language noaidi, noaydde means shaman/-ess) was created based on Sámi tales and legends. It tells a story about an old shaman living in a cave, who feels that her death is approaching. Read more

"Elements of Sámi folk music are combined with modern academic music language. The mood in the music changes from the chilling roars to warm operatic cantilenas, from sounds of perishing frost to minimalist string quartets, enlivened with bells quivering in the wind, from whispers and prayers of the shamaness to joik, a specific manner of singing in Sámi music." - says composer Rita Mačiliūnaitė.

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