"Data Sapiens" - music about evolution

"Data Sapiens" - music about evolution

Throughout history, we have evolved to call ourselves Homo Sapiens. The very near future will bring us technological advancements and ethical dilemmas way beyond our imagination. During this inevitable leap, a new species will occur. Will it be a better, less flawed, advanced version of ourselves? 

To emphasise and differentiate the species in question – the more primal, flawed – Homo Sapiens is represented by male voices; The celestial and unknown, futurist version of ourselves – female voices. The style of voice arrangement conducts a sonic dialogue between the two, while the surrounding sonic architecture is performed with live strings and analog synthesisers processed with advanced digital sound design techniques. 

“Data Sapiens” is an album for voices, strings, and analog machines released by Suru Records in 2021, written and composed by Maximilianas Oprishka (FUME).

MusicLithuania.com presents the digital music score, which came out after releasing an album. In this complete score, the parts, originally performed and recorded with analog machines, have been specifically rewritten and recomposed for string instruments and voices, making it a cohesive and performable piece. The score has zero limitations in performance scale and can be easily multiplied to a full symphonic orchestra and multiple mixed choirs.

The complete score consists of: a full score of 8 album tracks, individual performer parts, and a foreword by music critic and journalist Paulius Ilevičius.

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