Andrius Šiurys' debut album „aidinčios miego tekstūros“

Andrius Šiurys' debut album „aidinčios miego tekstūros“

Andrius Šiurys, a composer of electronic, academic acoustic, and applied music, is also known as a performer and eager participant of interdisciplinary projects and various bands such as lazy diamond’s underground. Style-wise, his compositions defy strict categorisation and may be described using several terms, sometimes almost opposite: modern, orchestral, ambient, easy listening, experimental, and anti-music. A champion of Surrealism, he has invented his own distinct musical language evident in all of his compositions, from instrumental pieces (Poulet à la broche, Cordon bleu, 2018) and theatre music (Kafka Insomnia, 2020) to electronic improvisation projects with various Lithuanian jazz musicians, and absurdist noise (Galvos oda – Head Skin) that challenges traditional concepts of music.

aidinčios miego tekstūros

His debut album, "aidinčios miego tekstūros", offers an opportunity to explore his musical aspirations that perhaps deserve to be termed Šiurrealism. The composer merges academic style with elements of jazz, pop music and noise; his intuition-led and association-laden compositions combine humour and horror. Each piece offers a distinct kaleidoscopic narrative that manifests itself through alarm clock sound, shamanic throat singing, dropping water, insect prayers, and motorway noise. His compositions often terminate as if failing to reveal anything or provide any answers. Contrary to that, they usually raise questions and leave the listener immersed in contemplation. This album, bursting with meanings and symbols, may be seen as a text open to anyone’s interpretation. 

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Andrius Šiurys

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