Music Lithuania Online: Rebranded and Refurbished

Music Lithuania Online: Rebranded and Refurbished, the online shop for modern music from the Baltic nation, recently added a number of new sheet music and made electronic recordings available to buyers. Launched almost one year ago by the Music Information Centre Lithuania, the shop also underwent a rebranding in cooperation with Taktika, a graphic design studio, which yielded a new design for the website and a logo, the stave turned shopping basket. The latter is now meant to inspire visitors as if by saying: take it, delve in and discover Lithuanian music.

‘Support Helps Creativity’ is the motto of the refurbished webshop intended to convey more than one message. By using it, the Music Information Centre Lithuania encourages purchase, rather than illegal copying, of sheet music and offers a unique opportunity to support Lithuanian composers by buying their music.

The idea has been eagerly backed by Synaesthesis, a Vilnius-based ensemble of new music, which has performed a number of pieces by Lithuanian composers. Its debut album, Another Point of View, released by the Music Information Centre Lithuania in 2019 is dedicated exclusively to experimental Lithuanian music.

As a promotion partner of, Synaesthesis emphasizes the key message of external communication, because the notion that ‘support helps creativity’ is obviously also applicable to performers, improvisers, teachers, and their students. In more general terms, financial backing encourages the growth of the entire ecosystem of Lithuanian music. enjoys an ever-increasing flow of feedback as Lithuanian classical, modern, and experimental music reaches out far and wide to find its performers and listeners abroad. Currently, visitors from the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, China, Japan, the Netherlands, and elsewhere account for a third of all traffic, which also includes occasional guests from India, Thailand, Algeria, Chile, and other nations that otherwise have fewer connections with Lithuania.

The international context is particularly important for the online store, which has deliberately chosen the .com extension. It is curious to find out where Lithuanian music travels and what listeners from Asia and Latin America are interested in. Knowing that sheet music and recordings released by the Music Information Centre Lithuania enjoy demand beyond national borders and is often bought by the same people there, is a strong motivation to do more and better.