Music Written Out of Love – The New Album by Vidmantas Bartulis Called "I Like..."

Music Written Out of Love – The New Album by Vidmantas Bartulis Called "I Like..."

I Like..., a series of pieces based on influences, excerpts and quotes from the music written before him, is termed Bartulis’s iconic work by some critics. The writing of the series extended over several decades and resulted in unforgettable musical ‘dialogues’ with his beloved composers of the past. Bartulis was evidently keen to chat with them, sometimes with a touch of humour and on other occasions overwhelmed with respectful reverence or affectionate admiration.

“The fact that I Like... exists as a series of my pieces,” he once admitted, “is rather unexpected even to myself.” Next, he mentioned a mysterious ‘character’ who once exclaimed ‘I Like Bach!’ after turning on a radio that broadcasted Bach. Nobody knows now if the ‘character’ was Bartulis himself or an imaginary figure and whether it was a real person at all.

The four compositions on this album have been recorded by Bartulis’s friends and genuine fans of his music, the St Christopher Chamber Orchestra of Vilnius Municipality, violinists Rūta Lipinaitytė and Ingrida Rupaitė, flautist Giedrius Gelgotas, pianist Indrė Baikštytė and conductor Modestas Barkauskas, the artistic director of the orchestra.

By Rasa Murauskaitė-Juškienė

Vidmantas Bartulis. I like...

Performed by St. Christopher Chamber Orchestra, conductor Modestas Barkauskas.

1. Psalms.
2. Concerto for Two Violins, Piano and String Orchestra. Rūta Lipinaitytė – violin, Ingrida Rupaitė – violin, Indrė Baikštytė – piano.
3. I Like F. Schubert. Rūta Lipinaitytė – violin.
4. I Like H. Berlioz (Lointaine). Giedrius Gelgotas – flute.

The album is also available on Bancamp and Discogs.

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