Acting Music

Acting Music

Composer: Rita Mačiliūnaitė

Type: CD album






Year of Publication: 2020

Publisher: Music Information Centre Lithuania


Acting Music features solely the pieces written for various stage productions. The new release is remarkable in itself because compilations of theatre music by Lithuanian composers rarely emerge more often than once in a decade. Rita Mačiliūnaitė is just a third Lithuanian composer whose music for the theatre stage has been released as an album.

On as many as four occasions, her theatre music has earned her the Golden Cross of the Stage, the top annual award in Lithuanian performing arts. 

The album of her theatre music represents a great deal of what she has worked on as a theatre composer as yet. Comprehensive in its wholeness, it includes music for remarkably diverse genres of performing arts, such as contemporary dance, unconventional theatre, dance opera, and other types of stage performances involving puppets, masks, sculptures, and objects.

Rita Mačiliūnaitė’s album also features extensive explanatory texts, QR codes, and photographs. Read more



1 The Sandman: Sandman Takes Clara Away

2 The Sandman: Clara and Nathanael on the Tower

3 The Sandman: Nathanael’s Madness

4 Home: Greed

5 Home: The Spirit of Home

6 W(o)men: Birth

7 NO AI DI: Cold North wind

8 NO AI DI: A Cry for Longing

9 NO AI DI: We are Snow Flowers

10 NO AI DI: Silence

11 The Picture of Dorian Gray: The Death of Sibyl

12 The Picture of Dorian Gray: Narcissus

13 The Picture of Dorian Gray: Youth

14 The Picture of Dorian Gray: Henry’s Monologue

15 The Picture of Dorian Gray: Kaleidoscope

16 The Picture of Dorian Gray: Dorian and the Portrait

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