Ad infinitum
Ad infinitum

Ad infinitum

Composer: Kristupas Bubnelis

Type: Digital score


For string quartet


Instrument(s): 2vn-va-vc

Score (p.): 24

Parts (p.): 39

Composed in: 2020

Year of Publication: 2021

Publisher: Music Information Centre Lithuania

ISMN: 979-0-59991-454-3

Product ID: eLMIC 2259



Winner of the 2nd International Eduardas Balsys Young Composers Competition in 2021. 1st prize 

 Composer's note

This work further explores the possibilities of the natural overtone series alongside the phenomenon of macro and micro time. “…ad infinitum…” stems from my earlier orchestral composition “Thickening Light”, although, in the former, the four individual players of the quartet allowed me to explore even more intricate sonic relationships between the instruments. Various forces and energies come into play here: attraction, repulsion, saturation, and others. Finished just before the pandemic hit, this composition somewhat dwells on the idea of a cyclical movement (therefore, the title), which manifests through formally recurring musical materials. 

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