This Is How I Am

This Is How I Am

Composer: Various Authors

Type: Printed score


Voice and piano


Instrument(s): voice-pf, voice-pf-vn ad lib, voice-pf-fl ad lib

Text by: Rita Mačiliūnaitė, Rūta Reutaitė, Judita Vaičiūnaitė, Antanas A. Jonynas, Lithuanian folk, Janina Degutytė, Bjelle

Language: Lithuanian

Score (p.): 43

Year of Publication: 2018

Publisher: Music Information Centre Lithuania

ISMN: 979-0-59999-174-2

Songs for children by Lithuanian composers
Compiler and editor Gintarė Skerytė


1 Raminta Naujanytė Bjelle. Friendship text by Bjelle

2 Raminta Naujanytė Bjelle. The Coconut Life text by Bjelle

3 Rita Mačiliūnaitė. Le-li-jo text by Rita Mačiliūnaitė

4 Jonas Jurkūnas. Cuckoo Lithuanian folk lyrics

5 Jonas Jurkūnas. Throstle Lithuanian folk lyrics

6 Jonas Jurkūnas. Nightingale Lithuanian folk lyrics

7 Zita Bružaitė. This Is How I Am text by Antanas A. Jonynas

8 Zita Bružaitė. The Balcony on the Fifth Floor text by Judita Vaičiūnaitė

9 Vytautas Miškinis. A Field Night text by Janina Degutytė

10 Vytautas Miškinis. Butterfly text by Janina Degutytė

11 Giedrius Kuprevičius. A Lullaby for a Sister / Brother Lithuanian folk lyrics

12 Giedrius Kuprevičius. Lithuania text by Rūta Reutaitė

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