Flautando. Lietuvių muzika fleitoms

Flautando. Lietuvių muzika fleitoms

Composer: Various authors

Type: Printed score


Ensemble of 3-4 flutes


Instrument(s): 3fl, 4fl, 4fl-bls

Score (p.): 45

Parts (p.): 35

Year of Publication: 2006

Publisher: Music Information Centre Lithuania

ISMN: M-59999-072-1

Compiled and edited by Valentinas Gelgotas


1 Valentinas Bagdonas. Improvisation

2 Valentinas Bagdonas. Scherzo

3 Jonas Tamulionis. The Sea

4 Eglė Sausanavičiūtė. The Ritual

5 Justė Janulytė. who has traced the abyss of July night,

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