Lietuviško fakyro žydinti nostalgija

Lietuviško fakyro žydinti nostalgija

Composer: Lithuanian Composers' Union

Type: Books



Format: Paperback | 95 pages

Year of Publication: 2021

Publisher: Lithuanian Composers' Union

ISBN: 978-609-8071-62-7

Language: Lithuanian

Compiler: Eglė Bertašienė

Designed by: Alicija Širvinskienė, AKTIN studio

Lietuviško fakyro žydinti nostalgija
(The flowering nostalgy of the Lithuanian fakir), a collection of essays by professor Vytautas Landsbergis, is dedicated to the music by the late Bronius Kutavičius, one of the nation’s greatest composers. Landsbergis, who has analysed his oeuvre thoroughly, reveals both the key developments in Kutavičius’s music and the most powerful aspects of his compositions. One might say he has uncovered the hidden meanings within the composer’s magic of sounds.

In close cooperation with the author, we have selected a number of the focal writings by Landsbergis published between 1976 and 2012. In addition to that, the current publication features excerpts from a TV interview (2014) and a reflection on Žemės muzika, vėjo spalva (The music of the earth, the colour of the wind), a 1988 documentary about Bronius Kutavičius. The current book, however, leaves aside numerous other texts and interviews by Landsbergis published and aired in Lithuania and beyond. 

This publication introduces the new series, Lietuvos muzikologijos šaltiniai (Sources of Lithuanian musicology), dedicated to somewhat forgotten yet undeniably important works in musicology which deserve to be resurfaced, systematised and returned to the wider cultural context.

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