Composer: Various authors

Type: Printed score


Violin and piano


Instrument(s): vn-pf

Score (p.): 38

Parts (p.): 15

Year of Publication: 2023

Publisher: Music Information Centre Lithuania

ISMN: 0-59999-151-3

Product ID: LMIC ED03


An educational selection of pieces for violin by Lithuanian composers
Pieces for violin for primary school pupils

Compiler and editor Ramunė Bandzaitytė


1 Veslav Sobieski. The First Piece

2 Veslav Sobieski. A Beautiful Evening

3 Diana Čemerytė. A Hoarse Frog

4 Diana Čemerytė. A Wood-legged Grig

5 Vladas Švedas. Dance of a Bear

6 Diana Čemerytė. Dreamy Tiny Bee

7 Vladas Švedas. Indrutė and a Butterfly

8 Feliksas Bajoras. Insects Dance in the Meadow

9 Veslav Sobieski. A Polish Dance

10 Veslav Sobieski. The Spring Morning

11 Vladas Švedas. A Lullaby of Tiny Grig

12 Algirdas Bružas. The Sun Calls in the Evening

13 Veslav Sobieski. Blues

14 Algirdas Bružas. Shepherd's Song

15 Dainius Danilaitis. Midsummer

16 Remigijus Šileika. What's Going On in Our Yard

17 Dainius Danilaitis. A Little Summer Song

18 Algirdas Bružas. A Glow of the Lake

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