Composer: Linas Baltas

Type: Digital album




Year of Publication: 2022

Publisher: Linas Baltas

Product ID: LB 2022


Performed by Chordos String Quartet.

The album was named BEEHIVE, because I can see a clear example of how bees deal with their existence on the Earth. Bees help plants grow, they are vital for stable, healthy food supplies. While trees and woods are essential to filter our air, bees are vital to pollinate both the food we ourselves need and many trees and flowers that provide habits for wildlife. The name BEEHIVE is a metaphor for a human hub ─ where we can live sustainably as creators and builders, or destructively as vandals. With this album, BEEHIVE, I want to convey an important message to people: that it is necessary to change our way of life now.

Each musical section of the BEEHIVE album has a special message, a special meaning for the audience. Many progressive, thoughtful people around the world have similar views and understanding about global warming issues, as well as ideas about how to slow it down.

Linas Baltas


1 Awake

2 Smart Commuter

3 Water

4 Plant

5 Nutrition

6 Recycling

7 Renewable Energy

8 Organic

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