Choir Vilnius. Circle Ending

Choir Vilnius. Circle Ending

Composer: Various Authors

Type: CD Album




In Lithuania, choral music remains a rather conservative field where the seeds of innovation germinate with considerable difficulty. Despite this, creative impulses aimed at “hoeing” the fields of choral music emerge sporadically. This time, the initiative has come from the State Choir VILNIUS. Back in 2018, it launched the Choir VILNIUS Laboratory for Young Creators or Vilnius LAB, a project focused on young composers who were given the green light to their ideas in the search for new forms of expression, including sound, interdisciplinary collaboration, multimedia, and spatial solutions. The three Lithuanian composers Mantvydas Leonas Pranulis, Andrius Arutiunian, and Monikaze were named the winners. The creative process, which took six months, offered them a rare opportunity to use the choir as a laboratory tool. Always at hand, it could be utilized in finding out – live – which of their ideas worked and which did not. This album presents the three compositions for choir and electronics, the final result of their collaboration with the Choir VILNIUS, its chief conductor Artūras Dambrauskas, and composer Mārtiņš Viļums, who worked as a mentor.
Paulina Sofija Nalivaikaitė

Text by: Monikaze, Mantvydas Leonas Pranulis, Valentinas Klimašauskas

Year of Publication: 2021

Publisher: Music Information Centre Lithuania

Product ID: MICL CD115




1 Mantvydas Leonas Pranulis. Not Allowed Solo voice – Justina Kazėnaitė-Šveisterė

2 Andrius Arutiunian. We, the Chorus

3 Monikaze. Circle Ending Solo voice – Monikaze

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