The World of Songs

The World of Songs

Composer: Mikalojus Konstantinas Čiurlionis

Type: CD album




Text by: Lithuanian folk, Vincas Palukaitis 

Year of Publication: 2022

Publisher: Aidija

Product ID: Aidija 2022



1 The Song of Songs, VL34, VL34a

2 I asked the Lord, VL30, VL30a

3 In One Little Yard, VL28

4 On the Other Side of the Nemunas River, VL27

5 Swans Fly in the Sky, VL55a, VL55

6 Mother Sent Me to the Seas, VL62

7 Down in the Green Woods, VL52, VL53

8 Dark Night Will Fall, VL66

9 I Fed My Riding Horse, VL68, VL68a

10 Saturday Night, VL63, VL64, VL64a

11 Oh, My Mother, VL73

12 I Am Lost, Dear Mother, VL58a

13 Dear Brother of the Bride, VL56

14 A Willow on the Hill, VL27b

15 Our Dear River Nemunas, VL48

16 Far from the Motherland, VL49

17 Nightingale, VL43

18 Oh-oh-oh, Young Brothers, VL72

19 When We Were Growing Up, VL39, VL39a, VL39b

20 An Orphan Girl, VL46

21 An Orphan Boy, VL47

22 Were the Winds Blowing? VL28

23 I Planted the Rue, VL179a

24 I Prepared the Garden-Beds, VL51, VL51a

25 Get Up, Dear Daughter, VL42

26 I Got Up Early, VL26

27 Young Boy's Promises, VL41

28 I Planted the Rue, VL61

29 The Song of Songs, VL33

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