Muzika chorui

Muzika chorui



Composer Jeronimas Kačinskas
Type Printed album



Text by: Jurgis Baltrušaitis, Jonas Aistis, Leonardas Andriekus, Balys Sruoga, Lithuanian folk, Pranas Lembertas, Bernardas Brazdžionis, Juozas Tysliava, Liturgical, Alfonsas Nyka-Niliūnas, Stasys Santvaras

Year of Publication: 2008

Publisher: Music Information Centre Lithuania

Product ID: LMIPC CD052


"Jauna muzika" Vilnius Municipal Choir (1-16, 18-24)

Conductor Vaclovas Augustinas (1-16, 18-24)

Dainius Sverdiolas, organ (2, 17, 18)




1 Haec Dies (1981) For mixed choir

2 Te lucis ante (1977) For mixed choir and organ

3 Confirma Hoc For male choir

4 Missa brevis. Kyrie (1945)

5 Missa brevis. Sanctus

6 Missa brevis. Benedictus

7 Missa brevis. Agnus Dei For male choir

8 Travel Song (1953) For female choir

9 You Are, Heaven (1946) For mixed choir

10 Birch Tree (1931) For mixed choir

11 Lithuanian Pathways (1946) For mixed choir

12 The Sun is Setting For mixed choir

13 Little Amber (1968) For mixed choir

14 Bellflowers (1947) For mixed choir

15 Through the Woods (1931) For mixed choir

16 Oh, What Happened (1981) For mixed choir

17 Short Fantasy (1932) For organ

18 Terra tremuit (1932) For mixed choir and organ

19 Rex Christe For female choir

20 Nativity Hymn (1950) For mixed choir

21 Maria For mixed choir

22 Virgin, Mother For male choir

23 Great and Mighty (1948) For mixed choir

24 Credo For soprano group and male choir

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