Robots & Petals

Robots & Petals

Composer: Jonas Jurkūnas

Type: Vinyl record



Jonas Jurkūnas is a chameleon-like composer who successfully changes his creative ‘skin’ from traditional score writing, electronic sound experiments, and soundtracks for the theatre and cinema, to popular culture, background music, and – rarely but eagerly – interdisciplinary collaborations that offer opportunities for linking up with his diverse experience.
Robots & Petals (2016) reveals a great sense of humor and is based on intense and varied rhythms, a broad emotional palette, and diverse tempos from the orchestra.
Golden Chains (2021) exudes powerful energy and represents a mixture of ideas and techniques that locate it somewhere between jazz and classical music.
Temporarily. Letter to Charles (2012) ) is a composition inspired by the soundtrack for Temporarily, a film by Jūratė Samulionytė where the composer has used a musical inspiration from The Unanswered Question by Charles Ives.

Year of Publication: 2022

Publisher: Music Information Centre Lithuania

Product ID: MICL LP 003



1 Robots & Petals: Robots

2 Robots & Petals: Petals

3 Robots & Petals: Ghost in the Machine

4 Robots & Petals: Cyclic Waves

5 Robots & Petals: Scraphead Tornado Motiejus Bazaras - piano, Lithuanian National Symphony Orchestra, conductor Juozas Domarkas

6 Golden Chains Daumantas Kirilauskas - piano, Kaunas Big Band, conductor Vytautas Lukočius

7 Temporarily. Letter to Charles Kristina Žaldokaitė, Berta Timinskaitė, Ieva Mukauskaitė, Gaudrė Vaitkutė - vocal, Kaunas City Symphony Orchestra, conductor Imants Resnis

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