Composer: Various artists

Type: Vinyl record



Year of Publication: 2023

Publisher: Snapsounds

Product ID: Snapsounds 2023


At the beginning of 2009 composer Domas Strupinskas, cinematographer Narvydas Naujalis and sound engineer Tomas Verbaitis said: "The idea is simple: we choose a band, they choose a song, we record and film the performance." This is how the audiovisual project Snapsounds was born. Three professionals combined their love for sounds and images, their skills to capture them and their patience to do it for a dozen years.

Until now, Snapsounds had a visual aspect, 25 online video clips, but lacked a full-fledged audio format. In your hands is a unique album of Lithuanian music audiographies. All these moments recorded there-and-then, as they sounded at the time. It's all very (un)simple.

Domininkas Kunčinas /



A1 Make It Real Project - F.I.N.

A2 Dykumos – Selfish

A3 Dykumos – Holding

A4 Avaspo – Niagara

A5 Insearch – Alarm

A6 Traffic Trio – Broke

A7 Banda Dzeta – Šių Naktelį


B1 Spooky Campfire Stories – Strawberry Flavour

B2 SC – Roketa

B3 SC – Nė Bybio!

B4 No Dog Barking – Nervous

B5 Domas Strupinskas – Nicotine

B6 The Dominoes – Invisible Man

B7 Sheep Got Waxed – Handwriting

B8 Chung Kran – Hazy Love

B9 Ąžuoliniai Berželiai – Baladė


C1 Lapkričio Dvidešimtosios Orkestras- Juoda Baranka

C2 Paulius Kilbauskas & Vygintas Kisevičius – November 25th

C3 Domas Strupinskas Band – Drop D

C4 Domas Strupinskas Band – Buster

C5 Domas Strupinskas feat. Twenty Fingers Duo - No

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