Vėjas man pasakė

Vėjas man pasakė

Composer: Teisutis Makačinas

Type: Printed score


Voice and piano


Instrument(s): voice-pf, voc ens-pf, 2voices-pf

Text by: Jonas Lapašinskas, Jonas Lapašinkas, Vladas Šimkus, Vytautas Bložė, Alfonsas Bukontas, Vilija Šulcaitė, Stasys Žlibinas, Vytautas Barauskas

Language: Lithuanian

Score (p.): 90

Year of Publication: 2018

Publisher: Music Information Centre Lithuania

ISMN: 979-0-59999-170-4

Product ID: LMIC 109



1 The Clouds Are Floating...

2 The Wind from the Sea

3 Footsteps in the Silence

4 The White Waltz

5 My Wish

6 Legend of the Mountains

7 Sailors

8 Weather Vanes

9 By an Abandoned House...

10 Oh Vilnius, Our City

11 The Cherry Tree in the Orchard

12 The Wind Told Me...

13 In the Land of the Sun...

14 Flowers in the Mirror

15 Blossoms, Blossoms...

16 August Ballad

17 Returning Home

18 Return Home, You Birds

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