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Rytis Mažulis

For chamber ensemble

InformationFor chamber ensemble Instrument(s): fl-bcl-sax-tb-2elec gui-pf-vn-vaScore (p.): 25Parts (p.): 58Composed in: 2016Year of Publication: 2018Publisher: Music Information Centre LithuaniaISMN: 979-0-59990-237-3Product ID:...
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Melodija Alyvų sode
Onutė Narbutaitė

Trumpet and two string quartets

InformationTrumpet and two string quartets Instrument(s): tp-2(2vn-va-vc)Score (p.): 31Parts (p.): 42Composed in: 2000Year of Publication: 2006Publisher: Music Information Centre LithuaniaISMN: M-59999-088-2Product...
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Rūta Vitkauskaitė

for large ensemble

Information for large ensemble Instrument(s): fl-cl-asax-tb-pf-elec gui-vn-va-dbScore (p.): 69Parts (p.): 40Composed in: 2018Year of Publication: 2019Publisher: Music Information Centre LithuaniaISMN: 979-0-59991-140-5Product...