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A Stalemate Lasts But a Moment
Linas Rupšlaukis

For percussion ensemble

InformationFor percussion ensemble Instrument(s): 4percScore (p.): 19Parts (p.): 17Composed in: 2020Year of Publication: 2022Publisher: Music Information Centre LithuaniaISMN: 979-0-59991-544-1Product ID: eLMIC...
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Loreta Narvilaitė

for two percussion players

Information for two percussion players Instrument(s): 2percScore (p.): 13Parts (p.): 17Composed in: 2017Year of Publication: 2019Publisher: Music Information Centre LithuaniaISMN: 979-0-59991-112-2Product...
Osvaldas Balakauskas

for percussion ensemble

Information for percussion ensemble Instrument(s): 6percScore (p.): 72Parts (p.): 45Composed in: 2008Year of Publication: 2019Publisher: Music Information Centre LithuaniaISMN: 979-0-59999-407-1Product ID:...
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Loreta Narvilaitė

For three percussionists

InformationFor three percussionists Instrument(s): 3percScore (p.): 89Composed in: 2005Year of Publication: 2018Publisher: Music Information Centre LithuaniaISMN: 979-0-59991-108-5Product ID: eLMIC 1976Description
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