Composer: Kristupas Bubnelis

Type: Digital score (PDF)


For violin solo


Instrument(s): vn

Score (p.): 5

Composed in: 2021

Year of Publication: 2021

Publisher: Music Information Centre Lithuania

ISMN: 979-0-59991-457-4

Product ID: eLMIC 2262


Composer's note

It is a solo miniature for the violin, which in its laconic form unfolds the transformation of static and repetitive textures into linear, melodic forms. When I touched the instrument, looking for its textures and resonances, my ear was attracted by certain intervals, which I used as axial harmonic centres, which, by the way, have parallels and harmonies with the duet piece. The connotation of Canto, hidden in the title, the song or voice, in other words, the melody, as if it does not sound, but its fragments or beginnings appear in the latter part of the piece. The light flirtation with Baroque is not accidental. I was thinking about the space in which this work was recorded, what cannot be restored - the pilasters of the abandoned church, its certain decorative elements, their decay... From here appears J.S. Bach's quote, as the impossible reconstruction of the past. 

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